How to Add Volume to Your Hair Easily with These 4 Tricks

How to Add Volume to Your Hair Easily with These 4 Tricks

Girls with fine hair or thin hair believe that they must be troubled by the problem of flat and light hair not fluttering as beautifully as you would like, especially on days when they have a lot of oily hair or have to deal with moisture again. It makes me feel even flatter and pressed against the scalp. Seems like a very bad personality.

But this problem will disappear because today’s Hair Color Trend presents tips to add volume to your hair in a simple way that you can do every day for yourself. using just a few tools will help my hair look more voluminous, look prettier, look voluminous, and look voluminous in an instant.

Where we bring to see up to 4 methods together. This is also a very easy way. and helps add volume to my hair quickly Let’s say one’s hair condition is suitable for which method or which is better. I can choose to follow.

Hair Straightener

The first technique is to use a brush to lift the hair roots. After washing your hair and blow drying it, apply a heat protectant spray before blow drying. to protect hair from moisture loss and then start using a hairdryer Ready-made comb to comb the area from the hair roots, then lift the comb slightly upwards slowly to lift the hair roots. Comb in a back and forth direction. and use a hairdryer until the hair is completely dry. This helps remove swollen hair roots. looks more beautiful volume.

Using Hair Roller

The second technique is to use a large curly roll to help lift the  roots. It begins by curling the front hair up and then curling it back. For side hair, use a roll to curl inward. Then spray your hair with hairspray and let it sit for about 30 minutes (or longer) or use a hairdryer. When unrolling, curl the hair. Our hair will immediately look volume.

Clamp Your Hair With A Crimper

The third technique is to use a crimper or hair straightener. This is an add-on to add volume to hair. Start by dividing the hair in the middle of the crown. and spray me some heat protectant spray (to protect hair from high heat equipment), then hold a lock of hair about one then use a crimper to pinch your hair roots and hold for 5 seconds, repeat this process until it goes around your head.

Spray Dry Shampoo

Finaly technique Start by grabbing the top hair (around the crown of the head), lifting the top hair, and spraying dry shampoo around the hair roots (spray should be about 30 cm from the hair roots), then use a tail comb to gently brush hair with combing. I return from the middle of my hair to the roots of my hair.